Disaster Recovery Services

Go beyond simple data recovery with disaster recovery services that offer business resiliency and reliable outcomes.

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Disaster Recovery Services

From traditional Disaster Recovery (DR) to Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), disaster recovery services make up a comprehensive approach to protect your business from downtime. Easily add a new DR site with micronode technology, enabling rapid recovery from cloud sites across the country.

DooxCloud pairs IT business continuity systems with geographically diverse physical and cloud data centers to keep your business infrastructure operational during and after system outages. Whether you need a completely custom solution or you would like to use one of our disaster recovery templates, we can meet your requirements for security, compliance, recovery points, and recovery time.

IT Support Services for Disaster Recovery

Whether you need help with just one piece of your disaster recovery plan, like backing up data, or assistance creating a complete plan including a recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO), DooxCloud can help.

disaster recovery timelineOur team works within your specified recovery service levels (RSLs) to keep the cost of your disaster recovery services low and get critical applications up and running as quickly as possible. If you don’t already have an RSL in place, we can work with your organization to develop one.

  • Geographically Diverse Failover

    DooxCloud operates data centers across the nation in some of the safest areas of the country. You can move your systems seamlessly between sites, whether you choose colocated backups or cloud disaster recovery.

    Choose a location for the efficiency of infrastructure near your business operations or the security of a site hundreds - or even thousands - of miles away.

  • True Business Continuity

    DooxCloud's disaster recovery data centers in Seattle, Everett, Bellingham, and Cheyenne include work-recovery spaces where your employees can set up shop and keep your business running, even if your primary work site is rendered unusable due to an unforeseen disaster.

  • Managed Disaster Recovery Services

    Application tuning gets your apps up and running smoothly in the Cloud, or troubleshoots the applications that are using too many resources. DooxCloud technicians will configure and tune your software for your VMware cloud environment.


Cost-effective disaster recovery solutions securely replicate your data and establish recovery points.


Modern DR applications complete replication in minutes vs hours with traditional methods.


When an outage occurs, simply power up servers populated with your business data and get back to work.


Prioritize recovery times by critical need, whether entire systems, databases or even single applications.usiness by adding services like setup, security, and monitoring

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